Door Lock Replacement

Door lock repair and replacement

If your door lock has betrayed you, The Locksmiths 24 will arrive promptly to fix it. Most probably you won’t be sure whether a repair will be enough or you need to replace the lock completely.

Our experts will arrive at a convenient time for you even if it is 11 p.m. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; therefore, we will help you out at any time of the day or night as a matter of urgency.

Locksmith services for business, home and residences

We make our customers happy in many different areas and sectors where the doors exist, such as offices, residences, apartments, industrial buildings and all types of vehicles.

Typical lock change and repair services include:

  • Emergency locksmith
  • Locks change / repairs
  • Old locks upgraded
  • New door / window locks
  • Burglary repairs
  • Lost keys
  • Boarding up service
  • Window lock repair
  • Lock picking
  • All doors supplied and fitted

British standards compliant and 2-year guarantee

The Locksmiths 24 is proud to have highly qualified experts who provide certified service in compliance with British standards and insurance requirements. By providing insurance approved services we ensure that you are fully covered in case of accident.

Our team can deal with all kinds of locks with multiple levels and different sizes. The most popular types include anti-snap locks, UPVC door locks and Euro cylinders.

Self-service versus professional service

Lock standards

If you think you can do such a “simple” thing as change a broken lock, then you should know just a few official standards that exist, such as Kitemark, EN1303, BS10621, TS0071 & 3 star, SS312 Diamond and more. Otherwise, you may put your own, or, even worse, a rented property at risk of burglary and not be compensated by your insurance company after all.

Lock sizes

Another common mistake that people make is fitting the wrong lock into a Euro cylinder, which may lead to such serious consequence as lock snapping. At the same time, it’s easy to become confused with the sizes of the various locks without special knowledge.

Lock snapping

Lock or cylinder snapping is a common practice of burglars, who are not even close in their knowledge to locksmiths. Yet approximately 25% of crimes happen with a simple lock snapping and if you install something incorrectly, you will just make the life of burglars easier and let them win more often.

Nevertheless, there are anti-snap locks available, which can save your property, nerves and belongings in one day.

So, it’s your decision whether you want to take preventive measures today and not worry about a thing in the future. You can combine the necessity of a lock replacement service together with additional security measures. After installing a new lock, replacing the broken one, our locksmiths can inspect other locks in your apartment too.

The Locksmiths 24 offers an extensive choice of locks of all types, certified by a diamond standard to keep you and your property secure.

Insurance coverage

The first thing insurance agents will do is inspect your door and window locks. If they find that the wrong locks are fitted or the right locks have been fitted incorrectly, they will immediately refuse any or a large part of the compensation due by blaming the owner.

Hence, for your peace of mind, it’s worth not just having certified experts do all the service but also asking them to inspect all the other locks in your apartment. After inspection and all the necessary adjustments, you will obtain an official certificate with a 2-year guarantee as proof for your insurance company that you are a serious and sensible owner who has done everything correctly.

About The Locksmiths 24 company

We strive to be your first aid in case you need us urgently. If you need to change a door lock or repair it, call us and you will be in the hands of certified locksmiths.

Affordable prices

We try to keep our prices affordable for most people.

Therefore, the price for lock replacement starts at £59 lock parts; standards lock vary from £20 to £40, whereas high security locks cost from £60 to £120.

You can get an individual quote, depending on the scope of work that has to be done, by contacting us by phone on 08081 553 206.


If you call us for one type of service and then it becomes evident that it is necessary to do additional work, you can be sure that we will not keep you waiting.

Our experts can do key cutting, reprogramming, duplicating and other services wherever they are. We have multifunctional cars with all of the necessary equipment on board. This allows our experts to be highly flexible and make all the decisions needed right on the scene.

Attentive and professional staff

Our call centre agents are trained to be aware of all details related to locksmithing. They will gladly provide a free consultation and give you valuable recommendations while you are waiting for the experts to arrive.

If it is an emergency, they will stay on the line with you to calm you down, give you an estimated time of arrival, which usually is less than 30 minutes, and guide you through the steps you can take.

Gain Entry

from £59

Lock replacement

From £59 + lock

Standard Locks

From £20 - £40

High Security Locks

From £60-£120


from £69 + lock

Door mechanism cases

from £60-£120

Auto Key programming

from £100

Auto Key cutting

from £70