Professional automotive locksmith service

Apart from many specialities of our company, we have locksmiths specialising in cars too. In fact, they are multifunctional and interchangeable because you never know what kind of service there will be needed on site. The Locksmiths 24/7 is an emergency company, therefore, we are prepared for any kinds of surprises.

How can we be of help

If you found yourself in the middle of a highway, on the parking lot or on the gas station with your keys broken, jammed, locked in or lost, we can arrive promptly to help you out with the following:

  • Car gain entry
  • Retrieving the key from the trunk or cabin
  • Repairing the locks
  • Keys reprogramming or new keys cutting on site

Even if your case is not listed above, please call us at 08081 553 206 to receive a free consultation and a time estimate of the arrival.

We work in the major UK counties and the chances are that we are your “automotive locksmith near me” service.

Frequently Asked Questions about car locksmith service

Does car lock opening may imply any kind of damage to the car?

Being one of the leading car and auto locksmith companies, we have the right tools allowing opening and repairing almost any type of lock and keys in an absolutely non-destructive way. We also try to repair more often and whenever possible rather than replacing the locks. Even though it might be easier to do in terms of the scope of work, we foremost care about our customers and try to leave the original locks and keys whenever possible.

How long does it usually take you to get to the spot if I’m accidentally locked out of the car?

This may sound like a surprise, but automotive locksmith service is used by people pretty often. People get locked of their cars daily and therefore, we are trained to get to the location you tell us within 15-30 minutes, given that it’s in one of the counties where our offices are located - Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Cheshire, Lymm, St. Helens, Warwickshire, Widnes and Wigan.

However, even if you are somewhere else, please do not hesitate and call us to get a time estimate of our arrival.

How long does it usually take to unlock car door?

Given that you have all the right tools and professional locksmiths, the entire process may take just 5 minutes. After regaining the entry, you can get into your car and continue driving where ever you were heading to without losing your valuable time any longer.

However, when it comes to dealing with security alarm systems, it might take a bit longer. But normally it is still a matter of minutes. Our locksmith is knowledgeable about all types of security systems and will work quickly and effectively.

What’s the price for car door unlocking?

We try to keep our rates affordable to all people and therefore we provide high service for reasonable money. The price for basic service of gaining entry to your vehicle start from just £59.

Can your locksmiths unlock absolutely any type of car?

Our mobile locksmiths can unlock all types of cars. Furthermore, they are trained and continue their education whenever something new appears in the market. The Locksmiths 24/7 is always in trend and has the safest tools, reliable and certified software at all times.

Even if you have doubts, you can always call us to get detailed information about your car model, make and its security system.

Are there certain cars which are more difficult to unlock than the others?

Yes, the level of difficulty depends on the car make and model. The modern cars are more difficult to deal with in comparison with the older ones. Yet, the locksmiths have expertise in dealing with kinds of cases and can get to you within 15 to 30 minutes.

Do you use a bobby pin for car opening?

No, our locksmiths do not use this tool because it’s not a professional instrument in our case. A bobby pin can damage the lock and the entire service will cost you more. Expert locksmiths will never use this instrument because they know all the possible consequences. Ordering professional service also means getting a warranty and safety for the piece of your mind. 

These were just the most common questions. Do you have any unanswered questions that you would like to get answers to? Please call 08081 553 206 at any time of the day or night. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and will be happy to help.

Gain Entry

from £59

Lock replacement

From £59 + lock

Standard Locks

From £20 - £40

High Security Locks

From £60-£120


from £69 + lock

Door mechanism cases

from £60-£120

Auto Key programming

from £100

Auto Key cutting

from £70