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Hello! And Welcome To TheLocksmiths247 Cars Department.

Get Keys From The Car! 

Your keys has been locked inside the car? No panic . Call us on 07501793857 and we will get it back to you without any damages to your viehicle. Average arraving time is 30 min after your call. Price starts £70.

Key Cutting


If you lost all your keys and you are not able to start your engine - we are happy to help! Our locksmith will provide a new car keys wich will be as good as your old one. Price starts £100. IMPORTANT! Customer MUST provide v5 form and photo id (passport or driving license) to prove that he is the owner of the viehicle.


Programming New Transponder 

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You have your original key which is working properly but you having an issue with your spare keys? Sometimes it's just because the car immobilizer doesn't recognise the keys. We can add them to your car system or create a new keys for your viehicle . Price starts £50  (may vary depending on vehicle)
Key Cloning (Copy)

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Key Cloning is very simple operation and don't take much time . You can call us and get new set of keys same day , instead waiting weeks and weeks  form car dealers . Price starts from £30 and may vary depending on keys.


Lock Replacment 

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If you lost you car key. You don`t know when and where ? Somebody find them ? if Yes ? In this situation best way is to change your car lock and cut new keys . To be sure that you only one person who have keys from your car . Please feel free to call us any time to arrange appointment for lock change .